I'm a dreamer, and a student of life, and writing is when I feel most at peace.


My stories center around characters who thinks deeply of the world and their actions, and it's these stories that I have needed most throughout my life. All of my characters and their experiences are an exploration of life, where I've found the most incredible (and the most unpleasant) pieces of myself. 


I hope that through the magic of reading, you'll find yourself in them, too.


About Noelle

Noelle Nichols


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However you came to find this website, thank you for spending a moment with me. The Japanese have a mindset that every encounter is a once in a lifetime encounter and we should always try our hardest. Thank you for stopping by, and I hope you find what you're looking for, and possibly,  a new adventure to embark.

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The Shadow's Creed Saga is an epic fantasy x Asian fantasy x AnimeLit series inspired by Bushido, the samurai code of honor. Told from multiple POVs, this series dives deep into the consequences of duty, the power of family and friendship. 

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