Historical Fantasy web serial

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Tenkyuu, a shinobi of the Arashi clan, desires a simple life, but after his grandfather falls ill, the dream of halcyon days is torn from him, and he reluctantly accepts the duties of a storm master. Using his blood talents and wits, he sifts through memories in the rain, bringing justice to those who have passed. A battle of wills is about to begin, man vs. nature, as Tenkyuu searches for his reason to become the next clan leader and the strength to endure the storm.




Noelle Nichols


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However you came to find this website, thank you for spending a moment with me. The Japanese have a saying  一期一会, meaning every encounter is a once in a lifetime encounter. So thank you for stopping by. I hope you find what you're looking for, and possibly,  a new adventure to embark on.

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