Tenkyuu, currently available on Kindle Vella, is a historical fantasy ninja mystery set in Feudal Japan. This episodic series is perfect for readers who want a more Japan-like world that is rooted in tradition, as well as those who enjoy experiencing and exploring worlds while on an exciting adventure.


Respire is a one-shot, yet-to-be-published manga and light novel illustrated and written by Noelle, which she hopes will be turned into an animated show one day.


A Winter Sky, a story in the charity anthology Ganbatte! The Ties that Bind Us, is a sci-fi/fantasy short story focusing on freedom and the human spirit.


Steel & Stone, set in Japan’s Meiji era, is a short but powerful story about a forsaken ronin and a boy left to die on the battlefield. It’s a story of chance encounters and explores how some people come into our lives at the exact moment we need them to. Readers can download this story for free by signing up for Noelle’s newsletter.


When she’s not writing, Noelle is out hiking and enjoying the fresh scent of pine trees in the forests of Montana with her three border collies and her husband. She enjoys illustrating her stories and characters and loves to learn new skills such as playing the shamisen and, more recently, kumiko, a delicate Japanese woodworking technique of arranging pieces without nails.


Noelle is most active on her Facebook page (@noellenicholsbooks) and in her FB group/Discord, the Otaku Creator’s Community, where she shares snippets of her works in progress, talks about her favorite books and anime, and engages in discussion about movies and series. She also has an Instagram (@noellenichols) where she shares snippets of her own writing process and projects and is in the process of creating a digital bookcase to showcase her favorite books.

Noelle Nichols

About the Author

Noelle Nichols is an author, artist, and dreamer who channels her passion for writing to find hope in the world. Her worlds embody characters who question life and search for paths that align with their true selves (inspired by her own wandering journey through life). She enjoys exploring the reasons behind character's actions, writing characters who, if given the chance, often choose light over darkness.


Many of her stories are inspired by Japan due to her deep love and appreciation for Japanese culture. Eastern philosophy and bushido are woven into most of her tales, as well as historical elements from the samurai (and shinobi) of nihongo. 


Her works include several novels and short stories, as well as one manga:


The Shadow’s Creed Saga, a Rurouni Kenshin-meets-epic-fantasy series, includes two currently published #AnimeLit fantasy novels, Shadow’s Hand and Phantom’s Lament, and one short story novella, Guiding Light. Books three and four in the series are currently being written, and a prequel focusing on the younger years of the beloved hero, Kilo, will be added soon.