Hello, I’m Noelle. A writer, a creator and most of all a dreamer.


I write fantasy. Mostly inspired by Japan, but I’ve written a few short stories that only have minor magical elements. I focus a lot on the internal struggle of characters, as well as questions that don’t really have answers to. Like the morality of killing, how we grow and help one another as a people, and what it takes to become a strong person. (What does strong even mean?)


I’m also pretty big on philosophy and thinking about the deeper aspects of the world.


By nature, I love trying new things. I enjoy playing with words, and figuring out what I believe in the epic fantasy scope. I’ve always said that my work is how I translate the world. Which I feel is the heart of myself as an author. Life is an adventure.


Want the quick facts?

I’m a Colorado native. I live in the mountains with my artist husband, three border collies and two cats. I spend most of my creating things and learning about cultures and philosophy.

About the Author

Noelle Nichols

+1 111 222 3333

 1501 Broadway New York, NY 10036 US


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