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Noelle Nichols

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Respire: Breath of Life

Standalone manga /light novel

A Shadow protects the innocent, but are all men worth protecting?


When an unwarranted attack razes his village, Kilo is forced to face the harsh realities of becoming a just leader, following a trail of blood and cloaked raiders in a quest for justice. With Kilo occupied and their homeland vulnerable, Shenrae swallows her self-doubt to pursue her training in earnest. But when both find out these mysterious enemies wield a powerful and ancient magic, they’re not sure if any truly safe from harm. Can Kilo and Shenrae hold fast to their code of honor and become the heroes they’re meant to be or will these enemies and their ways forever taint the land they cherish in war and unimaginable darkness?


‘Rurouni Kenshin’ meets epic fantasy. Fans of anime and manga will enjoy this gripping tale of heart and perseverance written with moments of pause and fast-paced action.

Shadow’s Hand

The Shadow's Creed Saga

Asian-Inspired Epic Fantasy

Vol. 1 of The Shadow's Creed Saga

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Time is running out for the Shadows.


Exiled from Vaiyene and armed with new information about the Skills, Kilo struggles to restore peace. The flames of war have spread, severing alliances, and dividing the people. With pressure from his friends building, Kilo sets out to confront the False Shadows, vowing at last to find an amicable solution.


Across the lands of Kiriku, Shenrae returns home. But when she does, Vaiyene is not the peaceful refuge she remembers. A rift has spread within the Shadows and not all approve of her actions. Torn between her duty and the ones she loves, Shenrae must face the darker truths of what it means to be a Shadow.


Back in Magoto, Hitori’s patience is nearing its end. Pushed by desperation, the chaos surrounding her begins to spiral, blackening all that she touches. But as the truth behind Hitori’s actions is revealed, the line between right and wrong wavers.


Will Kilo and Shenrae be able to stop Hitori from destroying the Kiriku they love? Or will everything be plunged into darkness?

Phantom's Lament

Vol. 2 of The Shadow's Creed Saga

Set five years before the events of The Shadow’s Creed Saga, Guiding Light is a short story of friendship, community and heart-warming traditions that evoke the complicated emotions of the holiday season.


When Kilo, a young Shadow of Vaiyene, is honored with the duty of leading his people to the winter festival, regret weighs heavy on his heart. The past few years have not been easy, and seeing others spend time with their families awakens old wounds.


But to be a Shadow means to set aside grief and be there for the people. After all, if there’s one thing Kilo has learned is that that time is short—and the best way to spend it is with the ones we love.

Guiding Light

A short story from The Shadow's Creed Saga


Eidolon's Justice


Vol. 3 of The Shadow's Creed Saga