Noelle Nichols

The Shadow's Creed 

06 October 2023

Inspired by Japan's samurai and their code of honor, Bushido, The Shadow's Creed is a series of tenants and qualities that individuals who are part of the Shadows embody. This creed is referenced throughout the series, serving as a guiding hand as different characters navigate the harrowing journey ahead. 


When I was writing the first book, back in 2008, it was the piece of the Shadows' culture that eluded me. It took me ten years to work out that the Shadow's Creed was the heart and soul of the series and the characters who embody it. It seems silly to me now that such a significant piece took so long to fall into place, but these books have truly become a work of my heart, mirroring parts of my life that took time to understand.


Without something to strive for, we can never reach our best self.

That's the purpose of any creed.


The charcters and their interaction with the creed and their own motivations and convictions to walk their own path is a driving factor of why I love writing the Phantoms and the Shadows so much, and why I admire the bushido code of the samurai. I've always been someone who pushes themselves toward excellence, striving to do better with each project, each challenge, and each adventure. 

That daily determination and mindset to practice not only physical strength, but emotional and metal. In a way, it's a very spiritual way of living life. When dedicating yourself to your craft you're able to witness the essence of life and deeper way of being. 

If any of this speaks to you, you may like my series.


Book three, Eidolon's Honor is coming out in three days. In this book you get to see the conviction of our main hero and facing his past, two young heroes who are at odds with themselves and trying to find their footing in their parents' paths (and coming up against one another), and an unlikely person who is still a little rough around the edges but is learning how to be a better person.

There will also be a series sale starting tomorrow on all of the books. So you'll be able to grab a couple free copies and the second book at a discount. There's still time to preorder the third book at at a discount as well!